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The Concert that Almost Wasn't: for King and Country Bus Breaks Down en Route to Hometown Performance

Every touring Christian artist will tell you – when you’re on the road, there are always going to be some unexpected mishaps along the way. 

Such was the case when for King & Country had their tour bus break down midpoint between nowhere and no-place.  Only four days into their touted “Burn the Ships Tour”, for King & Country was headed back to their adopted hometown of Nashville, Tennessee for a performance when their bus came up with other plans.

The band crew ended up having to drive 200 miles round trip to rent a box truck and passenger van to hurry to the concert venue.  With the help of Joel and Luke Smallbone’s parents who drove from Nashville to meet them, the band was just able to get their set up ready, only two hours to spare until showtime!


On the band’s Twitter, Joel took the occasion to make a light-hearted video (though you know he was stressing out!).



At the performance, Joel Smallbone told concertgoers, “"This may very well be a highlight night of our career, number one.  Number two, we barely made it."

So the “Burn the Ships Tour” continues, hopefully with all vehicles intact.   Visit the band's website to find the band’s tour schedule.



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