Worship Mashup: Naomi Raine & TAYA on Fox News

Talk about a heavenly match-up!  Naomi Raine (Maverick City Music) & TAYA (Hillsong Worship) came together recently on Fox & Friends to perform a cool mash-up of Hillsong's "Oceans" and Maverick City's "Jireh".

Here is a video of that amazing performance right here!

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WATCH: Hillsong performs an unplugged version of their iconic "Oceans"

Raine and Smith appeared on the show as part of Fox's "Faith & Friends", leading up to the 2023 Easter Season.  It was also a precursor to the singers' “It’s Time” tour with fellow worship artists Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Natalie Grant.

Here, the ladies talk about how they met, their music, the revivals that are going on in the country, and the "It's Time" tour.


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